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100 climate solutions from Danish Municipalities


With its new climate strategy, Vejle Municipality is turning the increasing risk of flooding into an opportunity to improve citizens’ well-being.

Vejle Municipality is using innovative solutions to address climate change-related flooding risks. In total, the municipality has launched 100 city-wide initiatives to make Vejle resistant to future climate challenges. Due to its location, the local district Østbyen is particularly challenged by rain and cloudbursts and is experiencing floods with increasing frequency.


The municipality has created a coherent climate strategy which, in addition to climate protection, also will create recreational value and enhance community spirit.

Drawing of people in a park in Vejle Municipality
With the new resilience strategy, Vejle is estimated to be able to handle a 1-in- a 100-year flood.

The natural waterways from the city’s hills are connected to new recreational paths for pedestrians and cyclists. By controlling and using the water constructively, Vejle creates a safe and attractive environment with urban spaces and green areas, while ensuring that houses are better protected against floods. In addition, a new pumping station ensures that the vulnerable areas can pump out large volumes of rainwater.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Sustainable Cities and Communities

The city’s climate adaptation initiatives give capacity to handle massive rainfall while simultaneously creating recreational green areas for citizens.

Climate Action

Vejle’s climate adaptation strategy reduces the risk of flooding, particularly in areas where wastewater damages infrastructure and property.

Partnerships for the Goals

Vejle Municipality partners up with companies, citizen communities, associations and organizations to ensure that current and future climate projects are successfully realized.