A new mobile and web app in Hannover, Germany, gathers every mode of urban transportation under one platform, making it easier for users to navigate the city.

The Mobility Shop is a transportation app launched by Hannover’s transit agency, GVH, and service provider, üstra, which offers all forms of urban transportation on a single platform, making multi-modal trips fast and easy, and discouraging private car use. The app integrates routing, booking, and ticketing for all public transit options, as well as for taxis, car-sharing, bike-sharing and parking.

Users simply enter their starting point and destination and the app offers all trip options organized by cost and duration of journey, allowing the user to select their preferred mode(s) of transit. Billing is integrated into the app, allowing users a number of different purchasing options, including single rides and long-term subscriptions.

We want to offer complete mobility to our customers. And we want to encourage them to use public transport more often.

André Neiß – CEO, üstra.

Why you should care

Congestion from widespread private vehicle ownership and inefficient public transportation systems are major challenges facing cities, constraining economic growth and negatively impacting public health and environmental sustainability. By making public and shared transportation systems easier to use and more accessible, Mobility Shop helps improve multi-modal mobility and reduces the need for private vehicle ownership.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good Health and Well-Being

Encouraging walking and cycling in urban centres increases activity levels and can help to reduce public health issues such as obesity and diabetes, which are associated with sedentary lifestyles.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Putting all transport options and information on one platform helps to make multi-modal city transport more accessible and reduces the need for private cars.