FleetGuide uses intelligent sensor technology to assist commercial drivers in identifying and avoiding hazards while they drive. They aim to reduce road collisions, improve workplace safety and optimise fleet efficiency by changing driver behaviour.

FleetGuide uses LIDAR (“Light Detection and Ranging”) technology developed by its partner company, Ouster, Inc., to detect moving and fixed objects around vehicles as they are driving. Ouster LIDAR sensors are installed in individual vehicles and generate a comprehensive 360° image of a vehicle’s surroundings. When the sensors detect obstacles around the vehicle, they send real-time hazard notifications to drivers, eliminating blind spots and reducing risk of collisions. What’s more, they generate footage of incidents to provide companies with accurate information. Using this technology, FleetGuide is aiming to reduce collisions by up to 90%.

By facilitating safer and more efficient driving, FleetGuide creates a web of benefits. Safer roads create an environment that encourages walking and cycling, enhancing mobility and health outcomes. More efficient driving reduces fuel consumption and decreases the environmental impacts of commercial fleets. On top of all that, safer driving and accurate incident recording helps companies to reduce their risk premiums, driving down fleet insurance costs. This product is available for all types of vehicles, and already assists logistics and waste management companies, taxis and buses, utility services and emergency services providers.

Why you should care

At present, road incidents cause 1.25 million fatalities and over 50 million injuries worldwide each year. This makes these incidents the leading cause of death for people aged 15-29, and the eighth highest cause of death globally. Autonomous sensor devices, such as Ouster LIDAR, help drivers identify hazards including cars, pedestrians and bicycles, and can facilitate a reduction in collisions.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good health and well-being
LIDAR sensors help drivers to identify hazards and reduce traffic collisions. Safer roads encourage walking and cycling, promoting health and mobility.

Decent work and economic growth
36% of work-related deaths happen in road crashes. FleetGuide increases workplace safety by reducing the frequency of collisions.

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