Queen of Raw’s online marketplace helps designers access surplus textiles, creates value for producers, and minimises the flow of textiles to landfill.

Queen of Raw provides a platform for producers and purchasers of textiles to recapture value from what would otherwise become waste. It is a marketplace where manufacturers and stockists of textiles can sell their unused textiles, rather than storing them, landfilling them, or burning them. It also unlocks a major supply of affordable, quality textiles for designers around the world who have trouble accessing these materials. The site is not just for rescuing surplus textiles – it also gives producers of innovative sustainable textiles and materials access to the global marketplace, while providing designers with more responsible choices for their products.

Queen of Raw estimates that by 2025 their platform could save over 15 billion litres of water and one million kilograms of chemicals, as increasing access to existing resources will decrease the demand for new textiles. Furthermore, giving unused textiles a second chance in the market will divert two million tonnes of textiles from landfill in the same period.

Why you should care

Queen of Raw estimates that over US$120 billion worth of unused textiles is sitting idle in warehouses waiting to be burned or landfilled, while numerous designers struggle to access materials. Connecting producers and consumers through an online platform could provide a win-win opportunity.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Industry, innovation and infrastructure
The platform helps to include smaller designers in the global fashion and textiles industry by giving them more access to materials.

Responsible production and consumption
Queen of Raw helps to reduce waste throughout the fashion industry supply chain and provides a marketplace for sustainable textiles.