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Circular Carbon is the first carbon ‘insetting’ project within the Natura production chain. It remunerates communities for environmental conservation, with the goal of combating deforestation in the Amazon region.

To contain deforestation and encourage family agricultural producers to conserve local vegetation, Natura has developed a project that pays for carbon offsetting in its production chain, known as Circular Carbon. This type of carbon ‘insetting’ remunerates smallholders for environmental conservation services that boost the resilience of the supply chain, providing them with an additional source of income on top of existing revenues from the sourcing of raw materials.

With this, the company is seeking to broaden its relations with the supplier communities in the region and reconcile production with conservation. Natura’s Circular Carbon project is located in one of the regions in Brazil under the greatest pressure from deforestation and the goal is to replicate it in other communities in the Amazon region.

Natura’s 1.5°C commitment

Natura’s Circular Carbon project is an example of a nature-based solution that integrates natural systems into concrete climate action and helps advance both climate change mitigation and adaptation, contributing to Natura’s 1.5°C trajectory. The company has also put an internal price on carbon and committed to engage responsibly in climate policy through the Caring for Climate initiative.

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