Do Eat produces edible containers for snacks, appetisers, and sandwiches, as alternative single-use packaging. The items are gluten free and can be customised with edible-ink felts.

The Do Eat material is made from water and potato starch and is completely neutral in taste. The items are aesthetically designed for serving food – salty or sweet, hot or cold – at any catering events and for restaurants serving sandwiches and other items that are usually wrapped in paper or plastic.

The appetizer containers can be purchased online in three versions, named after their shape: the tulip, the lotus, and the boat. The snack packets can also be made with the Do Eat-yourself kit. Using a sponge and a bit of water, the containers can be shaped and decorated with edible-ink felts.

Why you should care

Single-use materials are used throughout the catering and food industry. Plastic, paper, and more recently, wood, are common materials used to present and package food at events or takeaway restaurants. The end-of-life stage for these products depends completely on the situation but many find their way either into the trash or the environment. Edible packaging can help to reduce waste from these sources, but can also act to change mindsets around packaging and waste.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Responsible consumption and production

The company estimates more than 300,000 of the snack wrappers have been consumed, helping to reduce waste from alternatives.