The Oas is a closed loop shower system instantly filtering and recycling water as you shower, delivering dramatic reductions in water and energy consumption.

The Oas is a highly resource efficient shower system that instantly filters and recycles water as it is used in order to reduce water consumption. The used water is collected beneath the drain and pumped through a micro-filter system that removes all larger particles like hair or skin. Next, it is sterilised using ultraviolet light to kill any remaining bacteria and any wastewater is disposed of. Finally it is reheated to return it to the initial temperature, creating a comfortable and consistent experience.

The shower delivers roughly 12L of water per minute, as opposed to typical water-saving shower heads that often use only half that. The Oas shower uses around five litres of water for a ten minute shower, while a conventional system consumes around 150L. This low water consumption means it can be used in a variety of applications, from off-grid structures, to hotels, to motorhomes. In fact, the design of the filter was inspired by those used by NASA in space.

The Oas is also equipped with a monitoring system that detects water and energy consumption, and delivers this data to the user via a smartphone app. In addition, it monitors the filter status and alerts the user when it needs to be replaced – around every 200 showers. The company estimates that the Oas system consumes 90% less water and 80% less energy than conventional showers. The energy savings are largely owing to the fact that the reused water is already hot when it passes through the heating component, so requires very little energy to maintain a comfortable and consistent heat.

Why you should care

Population growth in water-scarce areas is placing large demands on water sources. The Oas can tackle this challenge by dramatically decreasing individual water consumption without compromising hygiene and sanitation.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Clean water and sanitation

By consuming 90% less water than conventional shower systems, the Oas delivers hygiene solutions while simultaneously conserving increasingly scarce water resources.

Affordable and clean energy

By reusing already heated water, the Oas shower system requires 80% less energy than conventional shower systems, driving household energy efficiency.