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The mission of the Next Leaders’ Initiative for Sustainability (NELIS) is to connect, inspire and empower a new generation of sustainability leaders across the world.

The original idea behind NELIS was that there is an urgent need in the world for “next generation leadership,” which integrates social and environmental considerations into decision-making regardless of whether we are talking of agriculture, business, urban planning, politics, education, health or other sectors of society. Without the willingness to give sustainability considerations at least equal weighting with other priorities, it is unlikely that humanity will be able to flourish in co-existence with other species on Earth. It seems equally unlikely that an entirely new approach to leadership and decision-making will be realized top-down from within the institutions and structures of present national and/or international bodies or organizations.

NELIS argues that only by linking a new generation of sustainability practitioners across the world in a collaborative network, will humanity be able to shift towards a more humane and ecologically sound model of social and economic development. NELIS works Towards One World in Harmony.

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