The Iso Paint Nordic ClimateCooler roof coatings transform harmful exhaust gases into harmless salts and also generate energy savings by reflecting more sunrays than normal coatings.

Iso Paint Nordic developed ClimateCooler Catalyst – a combined paint and sealant roof coating. Catalyzers within the coating use UV light from the sun and humidity from the air to break down harmful nitrogen oxides, known as NOx gases, into harmless salts. At the same time, the coating helps to reflect more of the sun’s rays to reduces surface temperatures on roofs by up to 30%, according to the company. This keeps roofs and buildings cooler, reducing energy costs. According to Iso Paint Nordic, the coating’s cooling effect also extends the life of treated surfaces.

Why you should care

Cities around the world face problems with harmful air pollution. If applied on all roofs, this solution would substantially reduce NOx gases in cities. The coating can be applied on a wide range of surfaces and the catalytic effect works in all climates, opening up a global market.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good Health and Well-Being

According to the WHO, seven million premature deaths annually are linked to air pollution such as NOx gases. Widespread application of this coating would help to decrease air pollution and improve public health in cities.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

A hotel in Copenhagen has achieved annual energy bill savings of 10% after applying the coating, according to the company. This highlights how the hospitality industry can reduce their energy consumption.

Climate Action

According to the company, by reducing cooling requirements, a hotel in Copenhagen has been able to save 27 tonnes of CO2 per year after applying 150 m2 of the coating.